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Aaliyah Dru Rivera was raised in Newark, NJ, The playground to many. great creatives before her like Queen Latifah, Whitney Houston and her one true artistic inspiration Ms. Lauryn Hill
Growing up in Newark has influenced ADR's artistry and character from the second she took that first breath of air on this planet. At a very young age she found her love for writing, which allowed her to creatively articulate these fantastical stories that reside in her heart, to then open her heart to dance and musical theater, which gave her the opportunity and freedom to take up space and expand her love for storytelling through her body and her voice…which lead her to pursue acting, because there are so many other stories to tell other than our own and if we are not ready to own said stories, what better way to find the strength to when you see it represented in authenticity on a stage or screen. As an artist she intends to tell her stories and the stories of her people to uplift and elevate us as a community in hopes to heal what’s broken and to break through what has been restricted. She is a servant to her community and the energies she surrounds herself with. She pays much tribute to her younger self, as it was in her most playful and youthful state of being that this dream to become an artist was born... 

Emma Claire Crockett

“Sweet, caring, friendly to all, passionate and introspective."

Joni Michelle Grommesh 

"Bubbly, smart, resourceful, easy going yet absolute light to work with"

Diletta Guglielmi

Kind hearted and purely empathetic artist. Absolutely determined and also funny! ”

Aaliyah Dru's Resume 

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